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Melody Sky spends her time as a photographer and film maker travelling to various destinations of interest. Her main areas of work and pleasure are snow sports and ocean sports and the environment in which these exist. She can be found at the top of a mountain shooting pro skiers and boarders and spectacular mountain landscapes or even under the water following big fish around.
Melody is currently developing a new website which will offer customisable prints of various sizes up to 3m in various formats such as graphic wallpaper, framed prints, light boxes, printed vinyl, event graphics, outdoor graphics, books, postcards and a whole lot more. The site will also host some of the biggest names in ski and mountain photography in an agency that will help journalists, advertisers, and corporations alike to commission the shots they need. And finally the site will offer stock imagery from Melody and each of the other well known photographers. Keep an eye on this site and blog for the launch date.